Ludbrooks Estate Agents Takes to the Sky

Found below is a very exciting story from our client, Ludbrook Estates, who are innovating in the property market with their advanced drone technology. We were happy to help broker the deal between them and Shibden Digital to produce such quality content!

From L to R – Darren Ludbrook, Managing Director of Ludbrooks, Philip Gomes & Ethan Sutcliffe, Co-founders of Shibden Digital

Halifax based estate agents, Ludbrooks, are taking to the skies with an innovative digital media partnership with video production company Shibden Digital.

Ludbrooks will be working exclusively with Shibden Digital to create high quality videos of properties using advanced drone technology. The drones will be used to provide a tour of the exterior of the property and surrounding areas, while high quality camera footage will showcase the inside of the home.  

The popularity of drones has risen in recent years amongst hobbyists and filmmakers alike, due to the comparative ease with which they can be piloted, and their ability to produce high quality footage. Aerial videos are now being utilized more in the industry but have yet to break significant ground in the real estate market.

Darren Ludbrook, Managing Director of Ludbrooks, commented “The real estate market hasn’t done enough to adapt to the digital age, and we think this new method of showcasing property is the perfect way of utilizing the new technologies at our disposal”.

“There is only so much that pictures can show, particularly with larger properties, and this is the perfect way of solving that issue. We’ve always been proud of trying new things for our clients and we hope this could be the best way to breathe new life into an old market”.

Ethan Sutcliffe is the co-founder of video production company Shibden Digital, who will be producing the videos. Ethan stated “It’s great to see more local companies going digital as a means of improving what they provide to customers. Services such as this aren’t just for big businesses anymore”.

“We hope this will create a long and fruitful partnership between both parties and we’re very excited to see what will come out of it in the future”.

Ludbrooks will be providing the service to homeowners looking to sell their properties from late February onwards at no additional cost, and the videos will be hosted on their website as well as websites such as Rightmove.