Public Relations 

Do you want to reach tens or hundreds of thousands of potential customers with information about your company? Utilising Public Relations, Discourse can engage your audience with persuasive and informative news stories that you control

Our clients have been seen in the largest publications in the North of England, reaching their target market without the need to spend thousands of pounds on advertising space

Public Relations has rapidly become a cost effective and wide reaching way of speaking to your audience in an advert avoidance world. 

If you are looking to be in the public eye as much as possible, or just looking to promote an individual story, we have bespoke campaigns available for you. 

Award Nominations

If you want to stand head and shoulders above the rest of your clients, Discourse can source awards and write persuasive nominations to ensure you take centre stage.

Our clients have won some of the most prestigious awards in their industries, as well as being recognised on the local and regional level. 

Perception Management

More than just Public Relations or advertising, Discourse provides a full service to improve the entire perception of a business. Working closely with your company, Discourse determines how a business and its products want to be perceived, both to the general public and even its own employees, by consulting with you in a number of different areas

The greatest customer is one who already has a positive perception of your company and its products. Discourse provides the service to create those customers.