Supporting The Arts

Discourse Group offers a variety of public relations and marketing services to those working within the creative and performing arts industries, operating from our base in Yorkshire and beyond.  Our team has over 20 years of experience in this area, particularly within the dance industry.

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Discourse Group provides bespoke Press Packages to enable producers of the arts to promote projects and make them successful.  Our Public Relations and Marketing strategies provide additional support for producers and the companies, artistes, artists they support and manage.

By working with news and arts media, Discourse can generate significant publicity for productions, through traditional media, online and in print. Our industry specific publications expand your audience by reaching thousands of potential viewers.

Through funding and budget management, we offer packages that not only fund projects, but also markets them through the use of public relations and digital media to reach potential audiences, whether it be local, regional, or on tour. 

 Non-Profit Organisations

With years of experience in copywriting, public relations and marketing, Discourse Group help non-profit organisations gain attention for a target audience.  Discourse are also able to help in the sourcing of funding and relevant grants, as well as assist with the application process.

If you have a project you’re looking to embark on, and are having trouble sourcing the required funding, allow us to help.  We will work closely with you to source the most relevant grants for you.

Artist and Artiste Support

Discourse is proud to work with artists and artistes; whether it be through funding applications or one to one support, get in touch to see how we can help.

For independent artists and artistes, Discourse can provide one to one advice and guidance on how best raise your individual profile with our Self Marketing Strategy which includes a digital and social media marketing plan. Our social media experts can offer advice on how to be your own best marketer.

Discourse can assist to raise funds for projects, as well as help plan the most cost-effective way to promote a performance.  Our entire team can lend a hand with regards to networking, copywriting and much more.

At grassroots level, Discourse Group work with artists and artistes, enabling them to develop and realise their ideas and maximise their potential, working from the early stages of any project, conceptualising ideas, managing finances and securing funding.